Discussion Group on Public International Law


The peculiar nature and continuous development of international law raise intriguing questions that can best be addressed by way of an inclusive and constructive discourse. The Discussion Group on Public International Law was established under the aegis of the Institute for Legal Studies of the Centre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to provide a forum for such a discourse, thereby supplementing and strengthening other methods of co-operation of international lawyers working in the country. The principal objective of the group is to study and discuss papers of significant theoretical impact, written by esteemed scholars of international law.

The Discussion Group on Public International Law meets, as appropriate, on a monthly basis. In order to promote a stimulating discussion and the exchange of a multitude of ideas, external researchers and postgraduate students are equally invited to participate in the debate. The group discusses two or three papers at each meeting. The topics of future meetings are determined by a consensus of group members to ensure the consideration of issues, which are both timely and of general interest. For the purpose of increasing inclusiveness, the meetings of the group are held in English.

Events of the discussion group:

  • Date: 5 December 2013 (Thursday)
  • Topic: Fragmentation of international law
  • Speakers: Tamás Hoffmann  research fellow, Carse Ramos  junior research fellow



Head of the Discussion Group