Research Group of the Comparative Constitutional Law


The main goal of the Research Group of the Comparative Constitutional Law (RGCCL) is the research on the constitutional developments of foreign countries from a comparative perspective. The RGCC focuses on issues related to the fundamental rights and governmental structure of the state (power). The RGCCL deals also with the migration of constitutional ideas and with the „technology” of legal trasnplants. Another research goal is the analysis of the comparative methods and the practical limits of comparative constitutional law.

From a geographical point of view, the RGCCL research includes: 1. the constitutional law of the EU member states and other democratic western countries; 2. the constitutional law of other (non-EU) European countries (EEA, Western Balkan, former Soviet Union) and countries from the border regions between Europe and its neighbors; 3. the constitutional development of other important countries (e.g. BRICS, Latin America etc.)

The main research areas of the RGCCL are the following:

  • the methods of comparative constitutional law, its practical benefits and limits;
  • the impact of globalization and the financial-economic crisis on the structure of the state and power;
  • migration of constitutional ideas and technology of legal transplants;
  • the influence of international and European courts on national constitutional development;
  • the regulation of the relationship between the state and churches in foreign constitutions;
  • the problem of the proportionality in constitutional law;
  • the role of public law in modern democracies, in illiberal democracies and in non-democratic countries.



Head of the Research Group