Lídia Balogh

Lídia Balogh
Download CV Research Fellow (TK JTI)
  • Department: Department of Legal Theory, the Sociology of Law and the History of Law
  • Academic Title: PhD
  • Administrative Duties: managing editor of the journal Állam- és Jogtudomány; Chair of the Research Ethics Committee
  • Email: balogh.lidia@tk.hun-ren.hu
  • Phone: +36/1/224-6700 / 5146
  • Building: HTK (Floor, room: T.0.18.)
  • List of Publications (MTMT)
Research Interests
  • Anti-discrimination and Equal Opportunites (Gender Equality)
  • Minority Rights, Minority Protection
Selected Publications
  • Balogh, Lídia – Drinóczi, Tímea: The missing arc of a backlash? Thirty years of constitutional debate on ‘women’s equality’ in Hungary, Intersections: East European Journal of Society and Politics 8(4) pp. 112-131. (2022)
  • Balogh, Lídia – Halász, Iván – Pap, András: Egyenlőség, kisebbségi jogok, nemzetpolitika 2010 és 2018 között [Equality, minority rights and national policy, between 2010 and 2018], In: Gárdos, Orosz Fruzsina (szerk.) A magyar jogrendszer rezilienciája 2010 – 2020 [The resilience of the Hungarian legal system, 2010 –2022], pp. 266-296, Budapest, Orac Kiadó (2022)
  • Balogh, Lídia: “Reproductive Rights in Danger”? Reflections from the Semi-Periphery (2022), Culture Wars Papers, no. 23, November (2022)
  • Balogh, Lídia: Uncharted Territories and Cross-Cutting Publics: Intersectional Analysis within the Framework of Joint Efforts of Civil Society Reporting on Mainstream and Romani Women’s Issues. In: Hojsik, Marek; Munteanu, Georgeta; Zentai, Violetta (szerk.) From the Shadow to the Limelight: The Value of Civil Society Policy Monitoring Knowledge in Roma Equality Struggles. pp. 135-154, Budapest, Magyarország : CEU Press (2022)
  • Drinóczi, Tímea – Balogh, Lídia: The (non)-Ratification of the Istanbul Convention by Hungary: Lessons to be Learned, Osteurope-Recht 68(1) pp. 42-60 (2022)
  • Balogh, Lídia – Judit Gellér: Roma nők hátrányos megkülönböztetése a szülészeti ellátás során: Két magyarországi jogeset, háttérrel [Discrimination of Roma women during maternity care: Two legal cases from Hungary, with context], Fundamentum 23:(1–2) pp. 204–223 (2019)
  • Balogh, Lídia: Roma Gender Politics in Hungary and Feminist Alliances in Practice. In: Angéla Kóczé – Violetta Zentai – Jelena Jovanović – Enikő Vincze (eds.) The Romani Women’s Movement. Struggles and Debates in Central and Eastern Europe, pp. 178–192, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon – New York: Routledge (2018)
  • Balogh Lídia – Dinók Henriett: Szólásszabadság a neoliberalizmus korában: a nyugati felsőoktatási színtereken zajló jelenkori viták tükrében [Freedom of speech in the neoliberal era as reflected in debates within the field of Western higher education]. In Medias Res 6:(2) pp. 339–360 (2017)
  • Balogh Lídia: A „szabadság kontra méltóság” vita és a kisebbségek médiareprezentációja [The​’freedom vs. dignity’ debate and the media representation of minorities]. Állam- és Jogtudomány 57:(3) pp. 3-34 (2016)
  • Balogh Lídia: Possible Responses to the Sweep of Right-Wing Forces and Anti-Gypsyism in Hungary. In: Stewart Michael (ed.) The Gypsy 'Menace': Populism and the New Anti-Gypsy Politics, pp. 241–263, London: C. Hurst & Co. Publishers Ltd (2012)
Research Projects
  • UNTWIST (HORIZON-CL2-2021-DEMOCRACY-01-03 – „Feminisms for a new age of democracy”, 2023–2026)

  • How does the law adapt, resist and learn? The responsiveness of the Hungarian legal system 2010-2018” (NKFIH project, 2018–2021)
  • „Algorithmed Public Spheres (APS)” (Incubator Project of the HAS Centre for Social Sciences, 2017–2019)
  • „Integrative and Desintegrative Processes in the Hungarian Society”] (OTKA research, 2013–2015)
  • European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights – Hungarian Focal Point for the FRANET Programme (2011–2015)
  • RED Network combating racism, xenophobia and intolerance (2011–2013)