András Jakab

András Jakab
Download CV External Researcher (TK JTI)
Research Interests
  • Comparative Constitutional Reasoning
  • Constitutional Law
  • EU Law
  • Legal Theory
  • Public International Law
Selected Publications
  • András Jakab, Informal Institutional Elements as Both Preconditions and Consequences of Effective Formal Legal Rules. The Failure of Constitutional Institution-Building in Hungary, The American Journal of Comparative Law 2020/4 (forthcoming)
  • András Jakab, What Can Constitutional Law Do against the Erosion of Democracy and the Rule of Law?, Constitutional Studies (6) 2020. pp. 5-34
  • András Jakab Judicial Reasoning in Constitutional Courts. A European Perspective, German Law Journal 2013/8. pp. 1215-1278
  • András Jakab and Pál Sonnevend, Continuity with Deficiencies: The New Basic Law of Hungary, European Constitutional Law Review 2013/1. pp. 102-138
  • András Jakab, Breaching Constitutional Law on Moral Grounds in the Fight against Terrorism. Implied Presuppositions and Proposed Solutions in the Discourse on ‘the Rule of Law vs. Terrorism’, International Journal of Constitutional Law 2011. pp. 58-78
  • András Jakab, European Constitutional Language (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2016) pp. xviii + 511
  • András Jakab, Arthur Dyevre and Giulio Itzcovich (eds), Comparative Constitutional Reasoning (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2017) pp. xii + 854
  • András Jakab and Dimitry Kochenov (eds), The Enforcement of EU Law and Values: Ensuring Member States’ Compliance (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2017) pp. xx + 540
  • András Jakab and Miklós Sebők (eds), Empirikus jogi kutatások (Budapest: Osiris 2020)
  • András Jakab and Howard Schweber (eds), Constitutional Decline, Constitutional Design, and Lawyerly Hubris (special issue of Constitutional Studies vol 6, 2020)